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The core business of this school is academic performance. A lot of time and resources are committed towards this goal; deliberate effort is made to cover the syllabus in time in order to bring about the desired outcome. Over the years the school has posted commendable results. The students obtain quality grades that enable them to join our public universities every year. A breakdown of the results over the last three years since the school started is shown in the table below.

NOTE: Most of the above students had been admitted with only 260 marks when the school was being established, a very big value adding to the students to realize their potential Over the years the school has been performing very well in K.C.S.E Examinations with good number of our students qualifying to join our public universities and other tertiary institutions.

We have done K.C.S.E Examinations for the last three years, posting very impressive results as a young school. Our focus is to achieve National school performance very soon. This is a true promise. We are doing
everything possible to reach to such position and maintain the standards of an excellent High school.


The school’s growth in enrollment has steadily increased from a single stream to a double stream institution currently. The entry behavior during admission has equally changed for we currently admit students with 320 marks and above in K.C.P.E. We target to achieve a mean score of 9.00 in K.C.S.E this year 2017 and we shall be a three stream institution by year 2018.

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