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We as leaders of Bahati Boys High School strongly believe the school will always be a center of excellence, while adopting the principle of continuous improvement: when implementing the school Mission, Vision and core values. The Almighty God is our guide while implementing the school’s Vision with action which will surely bring true dependable, reliable, change, which the society and the Nation is looking for.Our policy is to ensure that students pass their National Examinations and also develop into holistic individuals.As a fact we are usually very sure by the time your boy leave this institution, he will have the ability to face future challenges with confidence. In academic the school has been posting very impressive performance in K.C.S.E of 7.4 mean score and above and students achieving A, B+ and B stand grade which enable them join over public University while others achieving B- and C+ plus which enable them join University as self-sponsored students we ensure none of our students obtain below C stand.It’s Bahati Boys set tradition of taking students to our public Universities and we promise to continue doing so each and every year. We are happy to be associated with this school and we have seen this school progress from one level to another of which we are proud about.We strongly believe and are convinced that this is the type of school you have been looking for, for the boy child, for academic Excellence, discipline and spiritual growth. We have no doubt whatsoever, with the able B O D and the committed teachers, the unending contribution of the parents and the co-operation of the students we shall move this school to National level.I wish to confirm the team work spirit and join effort with very able team of knowledgeable and skilled teachers will always keep school Mission into a reality. As a school we focus on the best practices that bring about good performance we have a deep understanding of the processes and skills that create superior performance.we maintain an effective edge in teaching and learning and strive for continuous improvement.we have created a culture and we sustain it to achieve our Mission and also improving the overall quality of schooling and performance. The school processes are divided into departments which are tasked with ensuring jointly and separately the school Vision is realized.
First and foremost I want to thank the Almighty Father for the opportunity to serve Him as a teacher of Bahati Boys High School. We trust in God for everything and highly value academic excellence. The Form One intake is based on merit, for example 2014 we admitted form one students with 300 marks and above in K.C.P.E. Admission of form 2& 3 is done through interviews. Only those who pass are admitted. This thoroughness has seen our mean score rise steadily. The rise in mean score has been achieved through support from the management the staff, completion of the syllabus in second term because of the 10-lesson approach during weekdays and remedial classes up to noon time on Saturdays and high standard of discipline. We also nurture talents in co-curriculum
activities like football, Volley ball and athletics. Our school is currently the Nakuru North District Secondary Schools football champions.
When you enter Bahati boys High School the first building you see is a Chapel Why?
This shows that we value the other aspect: SPIRITUALITY. We are true to our motto: Give us your boy and we give you a university product and a gentleman (holistically developed)
The School has a virtual learning center and well-equipped computer and science laboratories. All these aid learning. Remember the saying “when I hear I forget but when I see I remember.” It is in my sincere hope that in 2017 K.C.S.E we will hit our target of mean score 9.00

“The Bible says the fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom”. In Bahati Boys high school, we give God the first position having in mind that the rest shall be given to us as He promised in His Word. As far as I am concerned, being the school’s chaplain, Bahati Boys is classified among the top schools in discipline through out our country. Discipline paramount in to our institution we also take the spiritual matters into consideration.We conduct prayers and reading of God’s word every morning And church services on Thursday and Sunday. The students or staffs who commit their life to Christ, we take astep of baptizing them with accordance to Matt 28:19. We also conduct a monthly Holy communion or lords table to all those who are willing and are committed to true Christianity as in Cor 11:23-31.We do this according to what the Bible teaches but not leaving to any denominational guidance. I say this because I have been moving to different schools either to preach or give a talk and through the experience I can confirm the above statement to be true. As one of the upcoming schools, Bahati Boys has the potential of excelling and doing well in academics. It’s no wonder in the near future it can be counted among the Top Giant schools in Kenya. Let the students keep that spirit of hard work and discipline and the outcome of this will be Good results.
Rev. Samuel Kilonzo

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