Our Core Values


1. Professionalism

2. Integrity

3. Discipline

4. Team work

5. Transparency and accountability

6. Commitment

7. Creativity

8. Being focused.


Bahati boys’ high school philosophy is to foster the intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical development for holistic development of our students in order to enhancement of our students’ development.

The philosophy is promised on the belief. Our almighty God is the fountain of knowledge and wisdom


1. To meet the Education needs of the boy child as the pillar of the  Nation

2. To win boys confidence and reveal image and dreams of life.

3. To provide the best guidance and counseling in order that the boy child develops into holistic and all rounded individual.

4. To offer quality education with integrity.

5. The boy child to acquire practical skills in agriculture and livestock farming.

6. Offer computer lessons and pure sciences in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

7. Engage the boys in co-curriculum activities for a healthy fresh mind.


To be a leading school which is student centered to empower our learners.

To be an institution of excellence with positive impact on the learners knowledge, skills, attitude, Discipline, Motivation and their spiritual well being.


″Strive For Excellence″

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