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Bahati Boys High School, is located in Nakuru County Nakuru North District, Kabatini location 12 kilometers from Nakuru town. The area is well accessible with public transport,the environment is ideal for learning and well served with water and electricity. The school is amid the famous Menengai Crater and the Dundori slopes. The community around is peaceful and friendly and the environment free from all manner of drugs. Bahati boys High School is a Christian based institution which is student centered totally committed to impact all values to your son and to graduate holistically developed.

Give us Your Boy and We Shall Give you a University product and a Gentleman. We promise to give total quality service to students expectations, consistence, good quality Education. Our Policy is to ensure students are passing their examinations and also developing into holistic and all rounded individuals. We provide students with forums to develop their ideas to observe and practice “Adult behavior” and to achieve this we initiate a partnership between we us teachers, parents and students. We have a continuous value adding programme in the school, which is integrated to the benefit of your child.


We are very serious in training of the mind and character to facilitate them to make reasonable decision in a responsible manner which leads to obedience, self control and the development of an attitude of co-operation and being answerable to ones behavior and action. As a school we empower the Boys who have not yet discovered their abilities to realize the “A” potential in themselves, by addressing all previous and current personality problems with the boys. We have done it, we are doing it and we promise to continue doing it to exceed parents’ and students’ expectations. As a school, we emphasis on mental, psychological, physical emotions and spiritual development. Those who have benefited from this institution have no regrets; they only recommend the good work done by the entire administration through their passion, commitment, focused attitude towards the spirit to ensure their Boys pass in National Examination.


1. We believe that every student can learn and that all can master a challenging curriculum with appropriate accommodation.

2. We as teachers recognize individuals differences in students and adjust practice accordingly.
3. We as teachers understand how students develop and learn.

4. All teachers test frequently using a variety of evaluation method and maintain record of the results.

5. Teachers encourage healthy competition during each lesson and encourage students to help each other with their work.

6. The school administration foster a positive school environment in which students and staff feel valued and students are challenged to grow academically.

7. The school and it’s physical environment are safe, welcoming and conducive to learning and A culture of trust and respect excess at all levels of the school community.


One of the most important strength in academic excellence is putting God first in all we do as a school. We believe putting God first is to be obedient to God and His instructions of His Word. As a school we recognize God’s Authority and His Word, and submission of our students to God’s authority and His desires to be what He wants them to be. Students find Joy in obedience to their parents, teachers and any other authority. We strongly believe, for a student to excel academically, he must put God first in his life. The Bible states “But seek first His Kingdom, and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you as well. (Mathew 6:33) The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. (Proverbs 1:7). We encourage the boys to commit their souls, bodies, mind and studies to God as a living sacrifice.

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